Back Grinding Wheel-Vitrified


LED Back Grinding Wheel-Metal | Vitrified · Leading technology in various types of machines and applications · Rough wheel (Metal bond) : Long life time and excellent bulk removal rate · Fine wheel (Vitrified bond) : Superior grinding ability and roughness · Providing proper wheel designs for various grinding methods and proper recipes [...]

Edge Grinding Wheel-Metal


LED Edge Grinding Wheel-Metal · Various groove shapes can be designed. · Grinded with uniform chamfer width (excellent rigidity) · Strong groove shape retention. · Product 1ea enables multi-stage grinding ( rough / fine grinding) PDF CATALOGUE

Diamond Wire


LED Diamond Wire · High throughput & Superior cutting quality - Reduced process lead time and kerf loss - Enhanced flatness of cut materials and superior warp, TTV and Bow values · Applicable for thin wafer slicing - Through uniform diamond grit · Longer wire lifetime - Excellent diamond retention & no [...]