Vitrified CBN Wheel


Precision Machining | Bearing Vitrified CBN wheel for bearing · Higher removal rates and shorter cycle times · Reduced grinding force · Reduced mechanical & thermal damage to bearing · Stable and precise grinding performance for superior quality, surface finish, cylindricity and less size deviation PDF CATALOGUE Grinding [...]

Superfinish CBN Honing Stone


Precision Machining | Bearing Superfinish CBN honing stone For bearing · Longer tool life and improved productivity · 5~10 times longer tool life than conventional stone · Shorter cycle time for honing · higher stock removal rate · Excellent performance · improved surface finish · ECO-friendly · No sulfur - More consistent [...]

Rotary Dresser for Ball Screw


Precision Machining | Bearing Rotary dresser for water pump & ball bearing · Highly precise and complex grinding · Less dressing load and excellent dressing performance · Longer tool life and cycle time redution · Available for dressing of vitrified CBN wheel PDF CATALOGUE Grinding wheels [...]

Metal Cup Dresser


Precision Machining | Bearing Metal cup dresser for bearing ID grinding · Longer life - 20,000~30,000 times (depending on the wheel size) · Precise dressing - Less grinding deviation after dressing · Longer dressing interval and outstanding performance PDF CATALOGUE Grinding wheels

Rotary Dresser for LM Guide


Precision Machining | Bearing Rotary dresser for LM guide · LM guide is a linear motion product that is used to manufacture automotive equipment. · LM guide consists of a block and rail, and balls between them rotating. · Rotary dresser is used for dressing the CBN wheel that polishes the seat of the [...]

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