We are providing our customers with the optimal technology and prompt response for any products that customers need for construction, stone, mining and metal diamond tools. We concentrate on global market penetration with unique ZENESIS brand which is the most advanced patterned diamond technology in the world. We continue to strive towards becoming the global leader in diamond tool manufacturing by providing our customers with quality and service that exceed industry expectations.


Wall saws
Floor saws | cured concrete
Floor saws | asphalt concrete
Floor saws | green concrete
Wire saws
Bridge saws
Table saws – laser welded
Table saws – sintered
Hand-held saws | Ring saws
Hand-held saws | BSL
Angle grinders / Circular saws
Angle grinders | Circular saws
Angle grinders
Floor grinders


Wet drills – standard type
Wet drills – 3 pieces type
Wet drills – segment
Dry drills – dry core bits
Dry drills – Brazed single layer (BSL) drill bits

Grinding | Polishing

Angle grinders – Segmented
Angle grinders – PCD
Angle grinders – rim
Floor grinders

Fabricating & Finishing

Cutting – bridge saws
Cutting – angle grinders | circular saws
Cutting & Grinding
Profiling – router bits
Profiling – profile wheels
Profiling – profile wires
CNC tooling – finger bits
CNC tooling -milling wheels
CNC tooling -router bits
Edge polishing – Straight edge wheels
Edge polishing -bullnosing wheels
Special tooling – drum wheels
Special tooling – polishers
Special tooling – mini tools

editionR, editionR+

Wall saw blade
Floor saw blade
Hand-held saw blade
Core bit
Geo_pro series
Mining core bits – explorer series
Casing shoes
Reaming shells
Core drills | strong
Saw blade
Cut-off wheels
Cutting and grinding discs (flat) general
Cutting and grinding discs (flat) foundry
Grinding discs (flat)
Depressed center grinding discs
Thin cut-off wheels